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Your Matters Matter Most to Us

Our team of sensory professionals act as an extension of your organization—putting your priorities first. We’re invested in your efforts to ensure acceptability for your food and beverage products, from development testing and consumer acceptance to competitive evaluation and quality control.

Get Paid for Your Opinion

Become a taste tester and evaluate a variety of items produced by our clients who are major food and beverage manufacturers.

Learn more about our services:

Consumer Acceptance/Preference Testing,

both quantitative and qualitative research, to understand how well a product is liked using rating methods and group discussions.

Discrimination/Difference Testing,

including triangle, duo-trio, tetrad, paired difference and difference from control tests.

Descriptive Analysis Testing,

using highly-trained panelists to describe the product’s appearance, flavor, aroma, texture and sound properties.

Product Shelf Life Testing

conducted in our state-of-the-art environmental chambers, using advanced equipment that allows us to control and measure temperature, humidity and/or light. Product evaluated by trained panelists.

Product Development

Conduct sensory research to bring new ideas
to the table for your product launch
or new product development.

Competitive Analysis

Make sure that your product is ahead of
the game by analyzing its performance
vs. your competition.

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